I was talking to Thiago the other day about how popular Dr.Who has become. And to think 7 years ago no one knew what it was.

I remember the first time Sadie and I sat down in 2005 and saw the 9th incarnation of the Dr. A complete new concept of a family show was introduced to our already extensive Anglophilic ways. We loved and hated it at the same time. Were petrified by some episodes, and extensively annoyed by the Daleks and all their episodes (to the point we just skipped them).  It became something we did, just us two; our little escape from modern US society into British nerdom. And now after years 7 years of being back in the air, the show has a  bigger fan base than ever before.

The thing with this show is, at least to me, that there’s no middle ground to it. Some episodes are brilliant and others are just plain out terrible! The same happens with the fandom, people either become obsessed with it or just hate it. Honestly, I have found it difficult to find anyone else in a middle ground, aside from Sadie and Thiago.

Either way, I have decided to do a Dr. Who Challenge. It’s meant for tumblr and daily posts, but I’m just going to do it at once.

Doctor Who 30 day challenge

Day 1 – Favorite Incarnation of the Doctor.

I guess it’s because he was my first Dr. that I like him the most, but it can’t be helped. His catch phrase was “Fantastic!” and wore leather. His self loathing “dafted old face” ways led to the humanization of the 10th incarnation. I wish he would have stayed longer, but for some reason the actor decided to quit after 1 season (T_T)

Day 2 – Favorite Companion.

Amy Pond. She the latest companion… well, kind of. Though she is pretty useless, like most of them are, she’s really cool. I love her back story, it definitely adds to her grace. She’s also Thiago’s favorite (not that he’s seen any of the others) because she’s a red head lol…

Day 3 – Favorite Villain/Monster/Alien/Baddie of the Week.

The Wheeping Angels…. They’re SUPER scary! The first time Sadie and I saw one of their episodes, late one rainy night, we were screaming!…. yeah… lol

Day 4 – Favorite Character.

Obligatory Mickey post! He’s one of the few companions/humans in the show that actually does something and isn’t completely useless. I was obsessed with him!! ♥♥♥♥

Day 5 – Favorite Guest Star.

Elisabeth Sladen, former Dr.Who 4th incarnation’s companion, made a special appearance  It was nice to see someone from the old days, who even had her own spin-off come back, if only for a while.

Day 6 – Least Favorite Character.

Everyone’s OBSESSED with Rose. I, on the other hand, don’t understand why. She’s been THE most useless character in the whole show, since it was reestablished. I guess everyone likes the love story between her and the doctor, but I don’t…. meh….

Day 7 – Favorite Episode.

‘The Girl in the Fireplace’ is one of my favorite episodes. It has everything I like, history, Victorian era, masquerades and romance. Sophia Myles was a great pic for that episode, she did a great job.

Day 8 – Favorite Series/Season.

Series/Season 6, to the new folks or 25 for the old fans, is my favorite. It was really well written, it starts with intrigue and uncertainty. Continues with interesting new villains and ends in a cliff hanger. I’m glad Steven Moffat took over as head writer.

Day 9 – Least Favorite Episode.

Anything that has these annoying things named Daleks in it. Again, I’m REALLY glad Steven Moffat took over, he got rid of them! After 60 years of rivalry, it was about time.

Day 10 – Favorite Scene/Moment.

The episode where Rose gets trapped in another dimension. Yes, I dislike her character that much lol. But, in the other hand, she gets to live the life she always wanted, so I guess it works out for her.

Day 11 – Scene/Moment that makes you cry.

When 9 regenerated… (T_T)

Day 12 – Scene/Moment that makes you giggle.

Pretty much Amy and Rory’s wedding was amazing. 11 dances like a maniac and I love it! (^_^)

Day 13 – Favorite Era visited by The Doctor & Co.

Venice 1580, minus the whole plague thing….

Day 14 – Favorite Doctor Moment.

Whenever he’s heroic.

Day 15 – Favorite Rose Moment.


Day 16 – Favorite Martha Moment.

She’s totally underrated, and out the companions the only one that has saved the Dr.’s life repeated times. I like Dr. Martha Jones, she was smart enough to survive and smart enough to know when to leave him. I don’t have a favorite moment of hers, just pretty much everything she did was great.

Day 17 – Favorite Donna Moment.

After having been kidnapped by the doctor, from the alter, they met again years later. They were both investigating the same crime when their eyes met across a room filled with aliens trying to destroy the Earth, again… Best scene ever!

Day 18 – Favorite Amy Moment.

Amy having her baby is my favorite moment, however when she finds out who she becomes it’s amazing! Shed a tear there!

Day 19 – Favorite Ship.

The Racnoss Webstar from “The Runaway Bride” is pretty sweet!

Day 20 – Prettiest Scene

“Silence in the Library” was very pretty, even if it was all CG.

Day 21 – Favorite Location.

Cardiff, Wales. Love all the city views!

Day 22 – Something Silly.

Tenant being hisself… lol

Day 23 – Something Epic.

Dr meets HP = Epic!

Day 24 – Favorite Accessory of the Doctor’s.

Day 25 – Favorite TARDIS Team.

River’s awesome, Rory’s super cute, 11th doctor’s sweet and Amy’s super chill.

Day 26 – Scene/Moment that made you go ‘awww’.

Day 27 – Scene/Moment that made you go ‘argh’.

Rose….. Actually, the whole love story…

Day 28 – Favorite Series Arc.

I love the Ood. Yes, they look nasty and kind of weird with their tentacles and voice globe. They have an amazing, heart-breaking story. Poor friendly beings mutilated into slavery. (T_T)

Day 29 – Favorite Music/Song.

Obligatory Charlie post!! The music in the show’s not all that, so I chose my fave youtuber’s song! ♥♥♥♥

Day 30 – Why Do YOU Love Doctor Who?

What I like most about the doctor is the endless possibility of adventure!

2013 y’all!

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I’d make it this far, not for any other reason than never thinking this far ahead.  Yet, here it is, the 13th year of the 21st century of the 3rd millennium and I’m beyond excited!

A 2012 recount was long over due but I’ve been too busy/lazy to do any of it. So, here are the cliff notes:

January– I started a daily photo challenge only to not continue it (fail)

nerdwalletNerdwallet #photoaday

February– That’s when things were perfect between Thiago and me…

March– got a job with PPG (which I loved and still miss)

April– got married (^_^)… that was unexpected

May– walked my graduation, yay!

June– we both got super sick in the new apartment

523857_4192990742486_1797597548_n*that’s my sickie face lol… don’t mind Chia lol*

July– moved to SC (biggest blessing ever)

August– settled in and discovered the joys of hiking and traveling the state (not to mention MUTEMATH)



September– started working at Bank of America (job I really enjoy and after so many years of wanting to get finally have)

October– discovered that Halloween is HUGE here in SC (that surprised me considering this is pseudo-Bible belt region)
Had Joselyn and the in-laws visit (super fun times)



November– never knew what real cold was until then.

First time back in Miami (way too short of a trip, seriously miss everyone)


December– first Christmas away from home.
Surprised by the lack of Christmas and New Year spirit here (see October for reasoning)
My parents spent the New Year with us (I’m super sad to see them go)


Overall, 2012 was an amazing year, filled with mountains of blessings. God has been more than generous with me and I owe everything I have to Him.
I pray this coming year will be twice as amazing. So far, I’m looking forward to big changes in my life, Lord willing all for the better. As long as His will guides my life, everything will be perfect.
And I pray the same for everyone. May your life be a testimony of God’s grace and love.

Happy MMXIII everyone!


Fall for Greenville

There are many things I enjoy about this city; the laid back atmosphere, the amazing weather and the juxtaposition of the old with the new.
Going downtown is like stepping into a fairy realm, where tiny bronze mice accompany you down the strip, historic people grace every corner and the cascades lead you to a wondrous weaving of flowers, exposes roots of wise old trees and quiet creeks.
Last weekend we were part of the celebration of the city, “Fall for Greenville” where there’s tastings of many restaurants, local wineries and breweries.



There were several stages located along the strip playing local jazz, rock, country and alternative bands.



We enjoyed the most amazing Bavarian waffle ever!


And enjoyed some fresh seasonal pumpkin beer.



Saw an OP you store that’s OP (it’s a gaming terminology meaning “over powered” which in layman’s terms is ‘awesome’).


And had wonderful weather all day long.
It was a great day filled with many firsts.



One would think that in this new ‘forward-thinking’ era segregation would be something of the past. Except that it isn’t; and now I have experienced a whole new form of it.

The “Mommy Club,” as I like to call it, is extremely popular and strong in this region. Women make it a point to gather for child activities, which I think is great. Now, I am not part of the mommy club but, due to my close friendship with one who has kids, I go with her to many mommy activities only to be completely left out… And we’re back in grade school.

Whoever said people outgrow their High School years is a liar. Sadly, human evolution stops in grade 12.

Apparently a woman without a child in her arms doesn’t deserve the word; and if she is holding one, since it doesn’t look like her it must mean she’s the nanny, also not worthy of communication. Because we all know women are only good for one thing, and that’s having kids. No kids, not a woman.

No wonder everyone here’s loaded with dirty diapers, otherwise it’s not acceptable; being pressured into child rearing for social sake. So I guess it’s really not “in the water,” as some say, but more in the “peer pressure.”

I always wondered why in Biblical times, and not so Biblical ones, women had such a hard time for being barren or not having kids right away. Some, like Samuel’s mother, prayed insatiably for a child. Now, I know it’s God’s desire that we populate the world; however, that doesn’t mean we can exclude those that haven’t.

At the church I’ve been going to, the pastor (who’s not from here) has been talking about family. His first sermon was about the blessing of single-hood and how married people should NOT look down on those who are single because they have a role and purpose in God’s kingdom. Then he went on to talk about marriage and barrenness, making the point that it too should not be looked down on. Man, did the hit it right on the head!

I’m aware I don’t have the small town mentality and I’ve never been one to simply follow the norm. But I find it ridiculous and tiresome how shamefully people look at  me for not having kids.

Average Saturday

It’s been about a month since we have gone on one of our road trips. We mostly stay home and rest. However this Saturday I decided to be proactive and make a wreath.

I’ve been meaning to make one for a while but was afraid to, since I’m really not that creative and never have attempted to make one before. So, to Heritage Park I went on a pine cone hunt.



In the 2 months we’ve been here I have frequented the park often, with my friend Vicky and her boys, but had never been there on a weekend.

The park boasts of a small train that’s solely available on weekends and it’s amazing to see all the families in the park playing and enjoying the soft pre autumn breeze.


Hearing the little bell and whistle as it passes by, and the little screams as it goes into the tunnel is quite amusing.


Yet here I was, knee deep in pine cones hoping one doesn’t fall on my head. About 40 minutes later I had a bag full.



Think that’s enough? lol, maybe.

As I gathered about the yells of the parents and crashes of the metallic bats resonated. For the first time, that I had seen, the baseball fields were being used, all 4 of them.


And the playground was filled with laughter and mischief.



It was a beautiful day for pine coning indeed!

Oh and people think Miami drivers are crazy… The ones here aren’t too far off lol.


Well, it was time to go and make my wreath!


With a total of 40 cones I didn’t know how to start! So, gathering them by size I decided to make some small groupings to put on the TV system.



And proceeded to making the first layer of my wreath.


Only to be struck by a terrible foe, the hot glue gun. Out of the many years experience I had never been burned, until yesterday.
Oh man, a big piece of glue fell from one if the cones into my finger and it hurt like all hell! Even my knees were weak from the pain.


Yes, and I still managed a pic, lol.

I couldn’t lower my hand, let alone continue. Thiago put some Desitin on my hand and I called it quits for the day.



The damage wasn’t as bad as it seems… Just got more Desitin than necessary lol.

This morning my finger stopped hurting :)


So I decided to start again. However, Thiago suggested I do it differently, so we went across town to the only Michaels in the area and got some supplies.

Finally, after an hour of carefully gluing and positioning (trying to be artsy fartsy) it was complete!


How exciting, my first wreath and it’s pretty descent! I’m all for making more (^_^).


A lil’ bit of errthin’

Ever since my traumatizing experience with my last interview, I received most awesome news; I got hired in Bank of America! After much inquiring and moving me about from location to location, my first day was last Monday.

I never did hear back from the Allergy people, which only proves how amazingly terrible my interview really was… (T_T) :sniff sniff:

So far it’s been pretty boring, I dare say, sitting in a tiny office staring at a monitor endlessly reading bank policies and ‘what if’ situations.  My slow pace worries me, since I’m supposed to be almost done and I’m not even half way through the course. My hatred of reading is back to haunt me >.<

On that note, I’m still reading The Hitchhiker’s Guide… well, I haven’t opened it in about 2 weeks, but yeah it’s sure to be read sometime this month.


Today, my booboo and I have been together for 7  years. This is something I’m sure most married couples have gone over, but should one continue to celebrate the starting stage of one’s relationship? He doesn’t want to, says we should just stick to the wedding date (he always forgets anyway… and so do I for that matter). I would like to celebrate both, really without first courting we wouldn’t be married. In our case we’ve been together so long that it feels weird not celebrating the first phase of our relationship. Either way, this day’s very special to me and will always be. I thank God that through all the years, the million struggles and trillion blessings we still enjoy each other’s company and love.



Reading time!

I’ve never been an avid reader. Ever since I can remember, the act of reading has been repulsive to me. That’s actually the reason why I didn’t go into Law, because I despise reading. Not that Biology and Medicine are any better in that aspect.

That being said, I have always wanted to change that about me and become a more literally cultured person and due to that I force myself to read. Joining a book club has been something I’ve wanted to do for some time now, and I even encouraged my old pastor’s wife to create a book club, unsuccessfully. Every once in a while I look up public book clubs and check up on their curriculum, if you will, of books and meeting arrangements, only to not find interest in joining. So, ever so sporadically, I pick up a book and read it on my own.

In spite of my hatred of reading, I have managed to enjoy several books in their entirety (reading bores me, even if I like the story, so finishing a book is a HUGE deal for me). Stories like “The Outsiders”, “A Time to Kill”, “Siddhartha”, “Go Quest Young Man”, “The Testament”, “The Juror”, pretty much anything John Grisham writes; excluding his baseball books.

The last paperback I managed to torture my brain with was Twilight… yes, Twilight.

This happened almost 2 years ago. The second or third movie had just come out and all my girlfriends were going crazy with fanaticism. I had managed to avoid the exposure for long enough until I was coerced into seeing the first film. Obviously enough, I hated it. “But the movies don’t do the books justice! You HAVE to read the books! Here!” said one of my friends and lent me her copy. A day later I was done with the literary masterpiece that is Twatlight and gave it back. “The second book is WAY better! Here!” she insisted. I couldn’t read passed the third chapter. That’s just too much crap for my poor little brain.

However, the time had come, about 8 months ago, for me to once again expand my reading list. Since I’m too lazy to renew my library card I decided to get a free Kindle book. This was a Christian Fiction about a Granny Detective… yes… a granny that’s a detective. Apparently it’s a whole series!

This took me longer than expected to finish. I’ll be honest, a little over half way I wanted to just give up, but I didn’t! Two months later I had completed the tale and granny got her killer. For a Christian book there sure was a lot of violence, killing and kidnapping. Good thing the old lady went to church.

Well, the book itch has come, once more, and I have to scratch it. This time around I’m finally going to read “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”!

Ever since the first time I saw the film I have become enamored with this story, which is weird for two reasons.

First being, I don’t like scifi and I like space even less. Sure, there is a special place in my heart for Firefly

and Dr. Who

but it’s a small place… a very small place. Unlike them, the Guide is one of my favorite movies and I know it by heart. I love its humor and quirkiness and the characters are all great. The show, not so much.

The Second reason why I find my affinity to this story to be odd is because it’s about existentialism. Douglas, being an atheist who was greatly loved in the science and literature realm in his day, wrote this book about finding the truth to life, the universe and everything. The characters go half way across space in search for the answer which doesn’t exist, because the Earth is commissioned and run by mice, not God. In fact, he goes on to explain why the existence of God is futile.

So, I hope you can see my conundrum.

Either way, I’m enjoying it thus far and hope to finish it soon.

Blurring the lines

For some reason the Media and Government of the United States love blurring the lines of things, such as race/ethnicity, immigrants/illegals, men/women, rights/wants; and never in a favorable way. By doing so, not only are the defining truths changed, but the once antagonistic terms are made synonyms.

Personally, it really irks me when people don’t understand the difference between a race and an ethnicity.

Being Hispanic is an Ethnicity, NOT a race. Being Latin is the same. However, there IS a difference between a Latin and a Hispanic. Yes, all Hispanics ARE Latins, but not all Latins are Hispanics. The French, Italians, and Portuguese are Latins and not Hispanic. As far as Race is concerned, there are all types of races in Latin countries; and just like in any other it’s due to the migration of people, which brings me to my other point.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary refers to immigrants as: a person(s) who come(s) to a country to take up permanent residence. An illegal immigrant does this “not according to or authorized by law.” See the difference?

The United States, along with practically every country in the “New World,” was colonized by immigrants. It’s a country established by migration from its roots. Now, there being an influx of illegal immigrants, a sort of war has been waged against migrants in which the lines have been blurred to include legals.

There are reasons why populous in a country is controlled. Most of it has to do with maintaining the status quo set for the “natural citizens.” Because of that there is a legal process by which to enter a country, one most of us had to go through. However, when that process is violated, the country must take action upon it.

Now, many people wonder “why not just give papers to those that are here already?” and that’s true. If you think about it, they don’t pay taxes, most collect some sort of well-fare and tend to be an economic burden. Not to mention, they’re drastically underpaid and over worked. Yet there are others that think, “they come here to take our jobs and ruin our society,” which at times is also true. Then again, most illegals end up doing jobs no one wants, so why complain?

There definitely needs to be a resolution to this problem, and that’s up to the Government to decide and us to vote on. However, we can’t let the distinction between legal and illegal immigrants be so faint as to whenever we see someone different we automatically think “beaner, spic, nigger, terrorist.”

In Miami that’s not such a big issue, but I have noticed the difference here in SC. The bias extends to racial/ethnic profiling and it’s sickening.


Last I posted anything was for my uber failed attempt at “Blog Every Day in April”… As you can see, that didn’t happen >.<

Since then I’ve tried several times to continue with my posts, only to not succeed again.

Why, you ask? Well, here’s a video explaining it:

Conventionality Is Not Morality.

I’ve never been one to do things the conventional way. It has been true since I can remember. Some would say that’s just mindless rebellion, where I would say it’s simply the way I am.

Actions are judged as ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ based on the majority’s consensus. Something that’s right in the eyes of a population may not be so in the eyes of another. However, that doesn’t make it a universal or absolute truth. These truths that are said to be absolute are those everyone can’t deny; as the rising sun, the concept of gravity, and many other natural events.

Now, who’s to say, simply because I don’t do things the way everyone else does, that I’m wrong? No one, that’s who.

It has never been my intention to meander with the current, to hop on the bandwagon and let others steer my life. That being said, as social creatures, that humans are, it’s always pleasant and necessary to have the approval of others. However, when I don’t have such approval simply because I don’t do things like everyone else does, or how the dogma dictates, it doesn’t phase me.

As long as my actions are right in the eyes of God, is all I care. Sure, my tactics may be a bit eccentric but not wrong, and I won’t allow anyone to tell me otherwise.

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